“Paul, working with you on If These Walls Could Talk was a joyous experience. Your attention to detail and ability to anticipate and solve problems made my job very easy. I watched you navigate the many personalities that are necessary for presenting a large production, constantly admiring your prodigious people skills. From the day you first called to the encore of the last performance, working with you professionally has been an experience I will always treasure.”
Allan Pepper
Co-owner of the Bottom Line
“Your work was heavenly. The opening number was fantastic – and we got tons of great feedback about it. (Several people were actually in tears!) There’s no possible way it would have been what it was without you. Not only musically, but organizationally… and spiritually! Your energy was relentlessly positive – no matter what obstacle we placed in front of you. Bless you and thank you.”
Doug Bernstein
Creative Director
“Paul, as always, you and Triple Z Music are nothing short of amazing. Thank you for your attentiveness, caring, and working with the three finalists with such patience and grace. You are a great teacher/mentor. Thank you for putting together the best house band EVER. I need to buy you a Velocity RV so we can take you everywhere. I just need your backline requirements for my loft!”
Lisa Lauerman
Live Events Producer
“What a stupendous job you did – highest caliber of talent and rolling with every punch!! Believe me that it is much appreciated to be able to work with people that I trust 100% and they still exceed my expectations.”
Stephanie Revesz
Executive Producer
“The musical connection was magic – Paul and Mike [Meth, independent creative director] are a dynamic duo. Bottle it and sell it. I will work anywhere, anytime with Paul – he’s the BEST.”
Edward A. Gala
VP, Marketing & Communications, United States Client Operations, Xerox Corporation
“Triple Z orchestrates, quite literally, an unparalleled blend of top-quality work and an uncanny knack for being able to customize and craft their material to the specific needs and demands of a project (regardless of how challenging they may be). The fact that they’re so client-focused, and so darn easy to work with, is icing on the cake. For this independent Creative Director, that’s an unbeatable package that’s music to my ears.”
Jeff Siegel
Creative Director
“I just wanted to thank you for an amazing job. Your score was perfect … paced, memorable, dramatic, and at times epic. No doubt, your musical contribution greatly enhanced the beautifully edited video. The client was thrilled… I can’t thank you enough.”
Steven Rivellino
Executive Producer, Eighth Sea, Inc.
“Paul and Mary Ellen are fantastic to work with! Not only do they make beautiful music … but they listen well, respond quickly, have terrific creative ideas and are total team players.”
Terri Sue Wensinger
CEO, Snap! Event Production
“Paul Guzzone is great! He’s not only proficient technically but also a talented and experienced musician. Calmly creative, skillful, and endlessly good-natured, Paul is the pluperfect collaborator.”
Sandra Boynton
Best-selling Author and Producer, Philadelphia Chickens

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