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A Successful 2022

In 2022 individuals and companies gathered live and in person for the first time in two years.

We are grateful for the opportunities we had to create musical segments for four major in-person events in collaboration with some of the most respected production companies in the business. Our work took us to Washington, DC; Austin, TX; Ojai, CA; and Philadelphia, PA. We provided original video underscoring, song arrangements, producing and recording, a parody medley that put our lyric-writing to the test, plus talent scouting and musical directing.

Discovering and collaborating with musicians and singers is something we always enjoy. But it was especially welcome this past year after what seemed like an eternity of remote interaction. And while brainstorming with a creative team is its own reward, turning a concept into a high-quality live performance is the real thrill. So, being in the room – or under the trees in the pink sunset of Ojai – with so many talented and enthusiastic performers, supportive producers, imaginative creative directors, and gifted choreographers – well, that’s what it’s all about.

Photo above: Paul Guzzone & lead singer DPak in Ojai, CA.
Photo right: Percussionist Austin Wrinkle, Guitarist Dave Cipriani & Paul Guzzone in Ojai, CA.
Photos by Triple Z Music.

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