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Triple Z co-owner Paul Guzzone won the New York Festivals Award for his music and lyrics used to promote Showtime’s "Comedy Summer" film series. In addition to music for broadcast promotion, he has created a stylistically broad array of original jingles and underscores including retro spy music for Trident, cool hip-hop jazz for Jaguar and whimsical world-beat for Dannon.

Triple Z can enhance your advertising or promotional campaign by:

Composing and producing original songs, underscores and parodies for all broadcast media.
Arranging existing popular songs for commercial formats.
Creating thematic music packages for network or program promotion.
Composing and producing theme songs, musical logos and IDs.
Licensing original songs and scores from our music library.

Let's talk about your next commercial or broadcast promotion.
E-mail or call us at 845-517-2555.

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